Welcome to the holiday season of truth, light and sugar. We are beyond Thanksgiving Day with the pumpkin pies and stuffing (for the non-traditionalists, perhaps some barbeque). Hopefully it was a day for increased attention to gratitude.

As we have now passed Christmas and are approaching New Year's, it is another time for celebration and left over sugar goodies. Sugar cookies, sugar peanut brittle, sugar fudge, sugar pastries, sugar mash potatoes, sugar ham and of course- sugar specialty coffees....read more

Our Past Newsletters

Do You Have Healthy Cells?

Did you know that we are constantly wearing out our cells and have to replace them?  In fact, we get new cells in the retina and replace the lining of the gut every 2-3 days.  We replace our skin every 6 weeks and our liver every 8 weeks. Chronic disease results when we lose our ability to make new cells.    Read more....

Gluten 101

Gluten is the protein accused of destroying the gut lining, but is there more? Most of you have probably heard about celiac, gluten allergies, gluten sensitivity and its effects on the gut. Gluten, actually it is called gliadin, is a protein found in wheat. You know those yummy breads, cereals, pastas and pastries? Gluten can lead to leaky gut. But it can also contribute to arthritis, cognitive changes, and chronic pain, etc....read more...

If My Labs Are Fine Why Do I Feel So Bad?!

Have you ever been told by your physician "you're fine. Your blood test looks good."? But does it REALLY?
What exactly is normal?
Did you know that the "normal" ranges on a blood test is actually based on a "bell curve" analysis of all the people that have been to that lab over "x" amount of time, even though the majority of them are sick?   Read more